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​Course Descriptions


We can deliver each of the following courses as in-person events, online events, or blended learning. In most cases, students will need to complete some independent work prior to the first day of class.

Each class will be delivered as a workshop. We will provide a safe and inviting environment to help students feel comfortable. Students will be involved in a variety of exercises and will be active participants in the class. Students are encouraged to speak in small groups and in front of the class.

For all courses, students will also need to prepare and deliver a short (approximately 10 minutes) presentation. We will use the presentation to provide constructive feedback and advice to the student about their delivery techniques.


Instructional Skills Certification for Prospective MCTs

This course is for individuals that plan to become Microsoft Certified Trainers. Students will learn how to plan and prepare for a class delivery, understand the various delivery methods and technologies that they can use in the classroom, understand and adapt to the needs and learning styles of the students, deliver the class and evaluate student and trainer performance.

Students will also learn specific skills that are important for MCTs, including:

  • Setting up virtual machine environments for labs
  • Working with labs online
  • Using digital courseware in the classroom
  • Collecting evaluations using Metrics That Matter

We usually deliver this course as a 2 or 3 day in-person event. We are currently working to make this offering avaialble as an online course.


Skills Refresher for MCT Alumni or Experienced MCTs

This course is for MCT alumni who wish to return to active MCT status. It is also for MCTs who have not taught recently.

Students will learn about the current technologies, courseware and techniques for teaching Microsoft technologies. We plan to deliver this course online primarily but can deliver it as an in-person event.


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